10 Organic Ways to Get More Followers For Your Music

More Followers For Your Music

Fans are everything when it comes to achieving a long-lasting career in the music business, and this can be measured by the number of followers and likes you have on your music platforms. Every objective you set, every chance you take, and every hour of work you put into your career are all done with one very clear intention in mind: to increase the number of your followers. 

So it’s not just about needing more followers and likes for my music; it’s more about building a fan base, which requires understanding how to do it and why it doesn’t work.

There are countless ways to gain followers, but we’ve compiled 10 of the best ways. 

1. Know your fans

There is a reason why this appears on all lists. It’s because, despite how challenging it may be at first to define who you are and who your ideal fan is, doing so is an essential first step. Everything you do, including how you find your fans, will be influenced by your understanding of the kind of image you want to project and, more importantly, the community you want to have an impact on through your music.

2. Organize your live show

Live performances remain the best way for artists to make money and the best way to attract new followers. Consider how many concerts you’ve attended that introduced you to a new band, which you ultimately followed because of their compelling on-stage persona. Your ability to put forth the same amount of energy whether there are 50 or 5000 people in the audience will set you apart from other musicians.

3. Appreciate your existing fans 

The easiest way to gain new fans is through your current following. In other words, you have a mutual friend who can make the introduction. The same is true of fans. By appreciating them through giveaways or special mentions they will talk about you to their friends, and family, on social media, and to anyone else who will listen the more you invest in them. They are your staunchest supporters.

4. Create other entertaining content

The truth about being a musician is that it’s not all about the music, as no one ever tells you. Even though we might wish that practicing, recording, and touring could fill our days, it’s not as easy as it used to be. The fantastic news is that you can pick the platform on which to spread your message. You get to decide where to spend the majority of your time and how to interact with fans by using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to create content that your fans can consume and attract more followers.

5. Invest in your local community

Although it can be easy to ignore your neighborhood, it is the best place to gain a loyal following. You can accomplish this by giving performances in your community at venues like schools, town fairs, or the local sports arena. Just remember to have fun and be creative, like giving out free t-shirts to the first 50 people at the game. 

Additionally, you should not be hesitant to express your beliefs and stand up for them, as this will attract more followers and likes from people who support the same cause. Partnering with charities and organizations that you support is a fantastic way to give back. You can offer your services in a variety of ways, such as by giving away instrument lessons or by giving out free concerts.

6. Create your playlist 

Everyone wants to increase their Spotify following and making your own playlists puts the power back in your hands. Make sure to include local or independent artists who are willing to share the playlist with their audiences as well as bands that complement your style. Make an awesome cover and a compelling title, and think about placing some ads behind it.

7. Make Music covers and remixes

Making covers of your songs by musicians who share your sound is another excellent way to gain new followers, i.e., musicians who your ideal fans are already into. Even better, you can repurpose the material and create a brief clip for TikTok, etc. Ask your current followers what song they would like you to cover to make it more interactive, and then tag them when you do.

8. Connect with music influencers

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly right now, and for good reason. It can quickly introduce you to a new audience. You might be surprised by how many influencers with followings typically around 5-20k would be interested in working with you, even though you might not be in a position to attract the attention of influencers with 500k followers yet. This could entail including your song in an Instagram reel or teaming up with them to make TikTok shorts with your songs.

9. Tell people about your music

If you probably don’t talk enough about your music, even though people may be aware that you are an artist, they may not fully understand the genre of music you create or the benefits of listening to it.

So talk about your music. To friends, family, other bands, and other industries, just get comfortable talking about yourself and your music and you’ll begin getting fans most organically.

10. Buy Organic followers

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