USB Thumbs

Who We Are

USB Thumbs was co-founded by two passionately-innovative Entrepreneurs who felt compelled to create a unique brand within a somewhat crowded marketplace (mobile data storage and mobile charging tech accessories).

Our Mission

Our mission at USB Thumbs is to provide our customers with the highest quality mobile data storage and mobile charging tech accessories available on the market today (in the year 2021, and beyond!).

Our focus is to bring MORE POWER TO YOU!

Thumb Drives Are Fast, Safe, Secure and Convenient

Thumb drives are the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to back-up and securely transfer important files (data) from one device to another.

usb thumb drives

Our Products

We offer the highest quality mobile data storage and mobile charging tech accessories you need to safely backup your files, and always keep your mobiles devices charged up and ready to use no matter where you go.

We have a wide selection of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 512GB hi-speed USB flash thumb drives for iPhone, Mac, Android smartphones, tablets, or PC computers.

Our thumb drives are compatible with most Apple or Android devices.

And, our customer service is the best in the Galaxy!

Browse around our shop to see what sweet deals we currently have in stock. Here's a short list of our products:

Giving Back to The Human Community

We provide our customers with the highest-quality USB Flash Thumb Drives on Planet Earth. We also believe that we all can do a little more to help each other.

We're dedicated to giving back to "Mother Earth" and the Human community!

Ten percent (10%) of all our profits go to Eco-friendly charities, and renewable agriculture initiatives.

"We don't just sell awesome thumb drives, and other high-quality mobile tech accessories. We also believe the environment should be the main priority for all Human Beings."

~ Breanna & Manny | Co-Founders of USB Thumbs

Get Involved & Show Your Support for MOTHER EARTH

Mother Earth needs our help! Showing your support for her is quick and easy.
If you want to get involved, check out the following clean-water initiatives that we support wholeheartedly: Coral Reef Alliance